This is the story of how Todd Silva, the founder of Give Away A Dollar A Day, was inspired to make the heartfelt shift from getting to giving. In his own words:

"A couple of years ago, I was in another one of my money slumps... worrying about not making enough, not having enough, clinging too tightly to what I had already accumulated, and so on... This wasn't the first time I'd gone through this, and so I was finally growing tired of this pattern and wanted to find out how to move beyond it once and for all. I prayed. I meditated. And what I got was that I needed to let go of what I was clinging too tightly to... what I was afraid of losing. It all came together when I heard 'give away a dollar a day' in one my prayers."

"Since then, I've been giving away a dollar, every day, and have committed to doing it for the rest of my life. The miracles I've witnessed, and the joys I've received, have been never ending because of the positive difference this continues to make not just in my life, but in the lives of so many people!"

"I started to tell some of my friends how I was anonymously giving away a dollar every day and how it was transforming my life. They were really interested, and wanted to start doing it themselves. So this website was created to inspire them. Today, there are folks giving away, every day, in different countries and with different currencies, all around the world."

"Give Away A Dollar A Day is truly helping me to get rid of my focus on getting, and to bring my life back into balance through every day giving. My dream, my hope, my vision, is that anyone with worries and fears of lack and not having enough, in any area of their life, will begin to Give Away A Dollar A Day, and that, with enough of us doing this, we will begin to transform our communities into ones where we all actually care about each other by giving to each other. By "we", I am not only thinking about people, but also businesses, governments, and even nations. With Give Away A Dollar A Day, money is the symbol for giving. But the true purpose and power of Give Away A Dollar A Day is to inspire each of us to become unconditional givers, from our hearts. Just imagine the ripple effect... Imagine the possibilities!"

"This is my vision and my dream that... all began with a dollar".