Give Away A Dollar A Day has been inspiring folks all around the world through joyous, unconditional, every day giving. Please enjoy these heart-warming stories of sharing from some of our good friends.

"I started with giving a dollar away, and now I find such joy in buying the person behind me coffee at Starbucks, handing out a lottery ticket as I am standing in the grocery line... So many ways to spread love and abundance! My relationship with money has become one of ebb and flow, giving and receiving. My income is multiplying! In deep gratitude and respect for your insight and inspiration."
Debbi Chambers, Kennewick, WA

"I cannot put into words the excitement and joy I feel each day as I Give Away A Dollar A Day! I feel I am making a difference in someone's life... that dollar I am giving away might contribute to paying their rent, buying gas, or going towards groceries. I know I am helping someone else, and this small act of giving away a dollar is opening my mind and heart to healing poverty and lack on a global scale."
Victoria Silva, Houston, TX

"I guess I'm a selfish person. I like 'Give Away A Dollar A Day' because it feels good to me! This process has helped me in so many ways! It is fun to be on the lookout for a chance to give away that dollar (or more). I let myself be led by Spirit as to where/to whom I need to leave my little surprise ~ sometimes it's in the grocery store, sometimes it's in the ladies room, sometimes it's at the gas pump, etc. I like to think that the money I give will bless the recipient and help them feel that there is help, support, hope, generosity, love available to them. I'm a strong believer in 'what goes around comes around' and I have been doubly blessed as a result of this process. I'm triply blessed because I believe that what I'm doing is helping other people. Thank you, Todd, for creating this great initiative."
Susan Gannon, Houston, TX

"I started Giving Away A Dollar A Day in November of 2007, and I LOVE it! I have to admit that I have missed a few days, and now realize that those days have a very different feeling to them. Regardless of which form of giving I use, the simple act of consciously deciding to share just a little of what I have makes me... well, just HAPPY!"
Emily Zillig, Seattle, WA

"Maybe I'm nuts, but just to be candid, the days I remember to give away a dollar just seem to go better. I don't know if it's good karma, the giving attitude, or the willingness to play with what is possible, but I can tell it makes a difference. Thank you for inspiring me to play this game of wealth, abundance, and discovery!" Mr. 2020, Ex-Hostage & Professional Visionary, Connellsville, PA

"Every day I am so grateful that I was attracted to Give Away A Dollar A Day. Since March 2008 you have brought daily joy to me and hundreds of people who have found the treasure I left for them. You taught people of all ages an easy way to learn the joys and benefits of giving. But the best part... My 4 year old son still laughs hysterically every time we talk about hiding the Loonie (Canadian Dollar) behind the little door where you fill up the gas tank. To me that is priceless."
David Slocombe, Ontario, Canada

"I like that when I give a dollar away or more, that it helps me to take 'me' out of me and to think about others. And sometimes when I miss, then I get to play catch up, and on those days I have extra fun."
Cheryl Paton, Morgantown, WV